Upgrade your pillow

Which pillow should I choose?

How do you choose the perfect pillow and which pillow is best option for your preferred sleeping position? There are actually two essential products that really determine a good night's sleep. The mattress and the pillow. At DOUXE we are not a big fan of the standard pillow sizes. In general, they are not wide enough to make the bed look luxurious when made and in height it does nothing for comfort. Maybe we should start some kind of pillow revolution for the hotel pillow to become the standard for everyone. Why?

Hotel pillows are a lot wider!

Hotel pillows are a lot wider at 90 cm or 100 cm and thus decorate the full width of the bed. This is why hotel beds always look so beautifully made. Hotel pillows play a major role in this. And how wonderful is it that when you turn around your pillow is still there in all its beneficial glory.

Hotel pillows also offer more support!

Hotel cushions with a height of 50 cm offer more support for the neck, because the filling with a limited height stays in place. If you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense. With your head you only cover a small part of the cushion surface. The cushion collapses at the bottom and the filling moves up. You don't need all that space in height. Preferably not, because you want the hollow space of your neck to be well filled.

How many pillows should you place on the bed to create that luxury hotel feeling?

When we say "less is more", we are not talking about pillows in hotels. A hotel bed is generally equipped with two to four down pillows and two pillows with a synthetic filling. In the most prominent hotels, this number is supplemented by two reading pillows.

How do I determine the desired firmness of my pillow?

  • You are a side sleeper

As a side sleeper it is best if you choose a pillow that is medium to firm/ extra-firm. You can either choose a synthetic variant or a natural filling of down and feathers. The synthetic variant will generally feel a bit more solid and provides for a little more resilience. A filling of feathers and down ventilates better and provides for a softer support. Choose firm or extra firm if you prefer extra support.

  • You are a back sleeper

Sleeping on the back is by far the best position to sleep in for your back and neck. To make sure that your spine and neck stay in a nice, straight line we recommend choosing a pillow that is medium or firm. The cavity of the neck will then be filled and properly supported. Our hotel size 50x90 lends itself extremely well, because the pillow is smaller and thus it provides for a better balance of the filling. The synthetic variant has a more solid feel and provides for a little more resilience - choose medium in this case. A filling of feathers and down ventilates better and provides for a softer support - choose firm in this case.

  • You are a stomach sleeper

If you sleep on your stomach, your neck is always twisted. This is not favourable for your body and we even recommend sleeping without a pillow, or one that is as soft as possible. We have different kinds of soft pillows from which you can choose. A soft filling with feathers and down provides for the softest support.