1. Het Kerstritueel van Kim Lian

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  2. Discover our unique Christmas gift ideas

    Discover our unique Christmas gift ideas

    For me Christmas is the best time of the year. I would not mind setting up the Christmas tree in the beginning of November. And between you and me, this is normally what I do. From one day to another my display cabinet has shifted to the right to make room for a beautiful blue spruce beside the fireplace. 

    Now what presents to place underneath this year…? Every year I try to look for unique gifts for him and for her. And this is not an easy task. There are so many beautiful things to buy for your loved ones, but to find something truly unique is quite the task. Lucky me that I have my own beautiful brand nowadays with an amazing team who have handpicked a selection of unique gifts that will pleasantly surprise friends and family. In this blog you will find our top 5 gift ideas for him and her. And if you want to cherry pick yourself, check out our complete collection of gifts in our gift shop online. 

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  3. Upgrade your pillow

    Upgrade your pillow

    Which pillow should I choose?

    How do you choose the perfect pillow and which pillow is best option for your preferred sleeping position? There are actually two essential products that really determine a good night's sleep. The mattress and the pillow. At DOUXE we are not a big fan of the standard pillow sizes. In general, they are not wide enough to make the bed look luxurious when made and in height it does nothing for comfort. Maybe we should start some kind of pillow revolution for the hotel pillow to become the standard for everyone. Why?

    Hotel pillows are a lot wider!

    Hotel pillows are a lot wider at 90 cm or 100 cm and thus decorate the full width of the bed. This is why hotel beds always look so beautifully made. Hotel pillows play a major role in this. And how wonderful is it that when you turn around your pillow is still there in all its beneficial

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    When I walked into the Pulitzer Amsterdam the first time, I felt a hint of nostalgia coming over me. The style and atmosphere of this hotel is unlike any other. The hotel is filled with hidden corners, staircases and marble hallways where Dutch merchants used to step into their upper-class homes during the golden ages. A great place for hide and seek I tell you. For kids or for us adults who just don’t want to grow up. 

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  5. Why sleep when you can float

    Why sleep when you can float

    Nothing resembles sleeping in a five-star hotel bed than adding a featherbed on top of your mattress. To date it remains a well-kept secret of five-star hotels. These luxury hotels add a featherbed as a top mattress to wow guests with an unbelievably soft bed and an exceptional night's sleep. The evenly distributed feathers and down ensure just the right support and comfort that can be best described as sleeping on a cloud.

    Featherbeds have been around for ages. In the olden days featherbeds were a luxury item reserved only for the wealthy. A pride possession that would remain a family asset and treasured for generations. Luckily times have changed and everyone who enjoys an incredibly soft sleeping experience can possess one of their own.

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    Now, what is a five-star hotel bed anyway. I remember watching an episode of Oprah ages ago in which the queen of all talkshows asks Julia Roberts her secret to a perfect nights’ sleep. Julia’s answer is quick and simple “A Four Seasons bed”. “But what is the deal?” “Is it the sheets or the bed?” They both conclude; “It’s the combo”! Most of us define a night in a five-star hotel bed as the ultimate sleep experience. A bed so comfy, you do not want to get out of it. With reason, because these beds are in a league of their own. So, what is the secret? Truth is, it is not just the sheets or the bed in solitude. The number one reason guests prefer the one hotel over the other, is the bed. This is especially true for business travelers. Hence, the bed better be incredible. Each layer of these beds is bigger, softer and more memorable. If you want to create this mystical sleep at home, keep on reading.

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    A key moment in history taking place in one of the leading hotel brands in the hotel industry. The famous bed-in protest took place in the Hilton Amsterdam exactly 50 years ago. Instead of having a lavish honeymoon, spending money on expensive outings and hotels. The newly wedded couple chose to spend their honeymoon promoting peace starting with a bed-in in March 1969. I always wondered how John and Yoko could stay in bed for one week, non-stop. Only occasionally getting up for housekeeping to change the sheets. It must have been an extremely comfortable bed. I am thinking an added cushioning featherbed to sink into whilst playing guitar, entertaining journalists, wining and dining and last but not least (hopefully) sleeping. Probably enjoying delightful crispy Egyptian cotton sheets and a lightweight goose down duvet. Ah yes, also plenty of soft pillows supported by sturdy body pillows. I mean, let’s face it, they were sitting up most of the time. They must have had an abundance of pillows for support. How else did they endure this lengthy bed rest?

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